The front entrance to your home is the smiling face everyone sees when they arrive. It’s the first impression your home creates, and there are many ways to make this a great first impression – welcoming family members and visitors alike. 

The most important change you can make to your front entrance is investing in a new door. A modern, solid, well-built door with glass panels in a bold color adds style and freshness to your front entrance.

Other simple ways you can create a welcoming front entrance:

  • Replace your old house numbers; make sure the new ones are at least 4” tall to be seen from the street
  • Use a large planter or a group of planters as a centerpiece on your front porch or entryway; focus on colorful flowering plants that will draw attention 
  • Keep your walkway up to the front clean and swept; add a welcome mat, decorative stones, or shrubs as adornment
  • Add a stand-out element like an intricate porch lantern, mosaic tiles on stair fronts, a charming letter box or a decorative door knob
  • Keep your porch clean and swept; repaint wood; powerwash and/or stain cement
  • Create a seating area for coffee or dining using a bistro set or cozy chairs and side table
  • Install a porch swing if you have room
  • Always consider adding motion-activated lights around the front entrance for added safety and longer evenings on the front porch