Look up at your shower head. Is it cake with a white crust? Are there streams of water shooting out in different directions? Mineral build-up is clogging the holes.

Attack Plan

*Do this after you’re done using the shower for the day.

You’ll need that bottle of vinegar you’ve used for most of our other tips. You’ll also need a “freezer”-grade plastic zipper bag and a strong, thick rubber band. The bag and rubber band each need to fit over your shower head.

If you’re tackling this project on by yourself this part will take some guess-and-check work. Fill the zipper bag about 1/3 full of vinegar. Slip the bag onto the shower head and check to see if all the holes of the shower head are covered in vinegar. If not, take the bag down and add a little more.

Once you have the right amount of vinegar, use the rubber band to secure the bag onto the shower head. Let it soak overnight. Bam. Shower head clean and no more wayward streams of water shooting you in the eye!